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In 2010 three small rural primary schools in Gloucestershire began talks about academy conversion and close collaboration. It was hoped that these three Church of England Primaries might form a Multi-Academy Trust. However, the differing governance arrangements for Voluntary Controlled and Voluntary Aided schools precluded this. Therefore it was decided that each school would become an academy separately (conversion August 2011) but mutual help and support would be provided through a jointly owned Limited Company, Primary QuEST.

This Company is the vehicle through which inter-academy help and support has developed (see opposite). The Company is also the means by which our experience and expertise is provided to others to support school improvement (see Products/Services).

Our Members

We are rural Church of England Primary Academies with a total of approximately 350 pupils.

The three academies are:

  • Highnam C of E Primary Academy
  • Staunton & Corse C of E Academy
  • Redmarley C of E Primary Academy
Primary Quest

Collaboration between our Three Academies


  • Sharing best practice, experience and expertise
  • Mutual support for subject leaders
  • Shared training
  • Sharing assessment and target setting


  • Curriculum enrichment
  • Gifted and talented provision


  • Mutual support and division of administrative tasks
  • Sharing of strategic direction
  • Concentration of energies on the development of teaching and learning

School Business Manager

  • Frees up Headteacher time
  • Tasks done once for the three academies
  • Best value procurement


  • Share specialised professional expertise
  • Share best practice in evaluation and monitoring
  • Joint governor training

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