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Aiding School Improvement

  • National College sponsored ‘Chairs of Governors Workshop on School Improvement’

  • Primary QuEST and Adfecto (on behalf of the National College and in partnership with the National Governors'Association - NGA and the Eastern Leadership Centre - ELC) are providing the ‘Chairs of Governors Leadership Development Programme’ in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire

  • Designated a Primary Associate Academy by the National College and Freedom and Autonomy for Schools National Association (FASNA) to provide support and advice for Primary Schools considering academy conversion

  • Primary QuEST supporting Adfecto ‘Converting to Academy Status’ Workshops

  • Executive Headteacher Mrs Jennie Dwight, supporting local schools with curriculum, personnel, Ofsted and Christian distinctiveness as a designated LLE (Local Leader of Education)

  • Chair of Governors Ian Marshall, supporting governance as a designated NLG (National Leader of Governance)

External Accreditation

LLE (Local Leader of Education), Mrs Jennie Dwight, Executive Headteacher.

NLG (National Leader of Governance), Ian Marshall, Chair of Governors.

Primary Associate Academy (headteachers, chairs of governors and school business manager who have successfully led, managed and learned from the process of academy conversion and who are happy to share our experience with other primary schools).

Training for Chairs of Governors (in association with Adfecto).

Primary Quest

Primary QuEST Services

  • School Improvement

    • Excellent Good Practice in teaching and learning, behaviour and leadership and management
    • Running successful small schools
    • Mentoring/coaching senior leadership members and chairs of governors
    • Gaining improvement in attainment and progress using tracking data
    • Academy conversion

  • Collaborative working:

    • Wealth of high quality experience and support with Academy conversion
    • Gifted and talented working
    • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Consultancy

  • Training

  • Procurement

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