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Our Objectives

  • To work collaboratively with other agencies and bodies to aid school improvement

  • To support other schools outside Primary QuEST in their efforts to raise standards through the sharing of expertise and through acting as mentors to teachers and to senior leaders

  • To continue raising the aspirations, opportunities, expectations and standards for the learners within our communities and associated schools/academies

  • To improve the sharing of good practice and to maintain outstanding teaching

  • To enhance the professional development opportunities for teachers and other staff

  • To work collaboratively towards the outcomes of Every Child Matters

  • To manage all resources in an efficient and effective manner

  • To offer to schools outside Primary QuEST, Administrative / Financial support on a cost recovery basis through the services of our Academy Business Manager

  • To continue to take advantage of new educational opportunities for the benefit of all

  • To embrace educational initiatives so that Primary QuEST remains at the ‘leading edge’

Our Values and Principles

  • Primary QuEST has an ethos of co-operation and democracy. Recognising the fact that tomorrow’s learners will live in an increasingly global economy with rapidly changing social, environmental and economic challenges, Primary QuEST will seek to empower all learners to have high expectations of their learning

  • Primary QuEST fosters the values of self-help and self-responsibility amongst pupils and adults within our learning communities

  • Primary QuEST insists that those principles of ‘Respecting Rights’ underpin all aspects of its work and that our learners are aware of the multicultural world in which they live and learn

  • Primary QuEST subscribes to sustainability and will seek to apply these principles through the efficient and economic management of its resources

  • Primary QuEST upholds the Christian values that underpin the three Academies

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